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Bee Warriors will rule the world

Learn about environmental awareness in a way you've never experienced before! Watch live bee sting demonstrations (and be a volunteer if you're brave enough!), get your face battle-painted with pollen, participate in eco-crafts, and learn the wonders of our environment to complete your initiation and become a Bee Warrior™! A fierce tribe with a savage approach to saving our planet.


What's the Bee Warrior™ motto? "CONSUME AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE!"

Our program helps instill the importance of environmental awareness early in life, and reminds adults that we need to secure humanity's future before it's too late. Help spread awareness of our mission so that, together, we can help the world by inspiring future environmentalists and humanitarians, who will someday save this planet through science, aid, and activism.


Conventional environmental programs aren't cutting it. It's time to fight like a warrior. Book an appearance, donate to our cause, or tag us on social media below. Our planet counts on it!

Little Warrior

Gary Golding

Bee Warriors™ was founded by Gary Golding, a radical environmentalist who teaches people of all-ages about the role of bees in our lives, how to grow our own food in the urban environment, and the importance of sustainable living. Gary teaches his philosophy at various Los Angeles-based schools as well as expos and other public events. He offers beehive removal/installation and garden building services, as well nature tours.


Learn more about the "Tarzan of LA" by visiting his website,!



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